a few words:

welcome, Friend, the name's Fra and in this blog I review stuff. Cool stuff, I think (hope).

I wish to thank you for just being here, and I have 4 pleases 4 you:

1-please comment if you feel like it;

2-please point out any mistakes I might have made (especially if it’s bad grammar, which is Not Cool);

3-please let me know if I’ve used something that belongs to you or to someone you know: I will indicate the author or remove the culprit if that’s your will. I do try to only use free resources, and to always acknowledge the ones I take from others, but sometimes I will find an image or a photo that is too good to miss out only because I’m not able to trace the provenience. Speaking of which, I give my thanks to the sites from which I most heavily draw on: vintagevectors.com, keepdesigning.com, dafont.com, deviantart.com, onlymissprint.blogspot.com;

4-finally, please return every now and then!